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Masters: Scholastic Education

The courses and seminars developed by the Dynamic Psychotherapy Centre aim to educate both teachers and students. Restricting the rudiments to the indispensable and valuing the Personality of the participants.

- Personalizing the Fairy tale
The course transmits an original method of constructing fairy tales and stories formulated by C. Grimaldi. It can be used both with an educative purpose and as a treatment for the small discomforts of young children.

- The "game" in the training
The course considers the “game” first from an anthropological perspective then, from this , illustrates the psychological aspects bound to the Personality. It has both an educative and healing purpose.

- The sense of the life.
The existential values: liberty, justice, autonomy, responsibility, morals, ethics etc. are reconsidered and redefined starting from the interior self of the Person and reformed as ”feeling”. In this process the values become conscious and can be experienced in day-to-day life. This process constitutes a proposal to the contemporary world which has a tendency to homogenize or nullify the ” values “as with technology and consumption.

- The emotion in the daily life
The course makes explicit the importance of the Emotions which are considered constituent elements of the human psyche, teaches the knowledge of them, educates how to manage them in one’s personal life and in one’s relationships with others The method was formulated in an original way by C. Grimaldi.